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Published fiction - Less Than Three Press

It's New Year's Eve, 1899, and Thomas is feeling trapped in Montmartre, a city he's been living in for three years. Seduced by the easy lifestyle, and sensual pleasures, it takes a visitor from home to make him fully realise what he's been missing. As the turn of the century approaches will he finally have the courage to find a way to restart his life, or will he remain stuck for even longer? ($1.99)

Ever the victim of friendship, Luke seeks out rugby player and fellow student Josh with the intent of asking him out on behalf of a friend. In a moment of panic, he accidentally asks Josh to go out with him instead. Fully expecting to be punched by Josh and his fellow jocks, Luke is dumbfounded when Josh instead says yes—leaving Luke with absolutely no idea what to do, besides run away to panic elsewhere and try to figure out what to do about his unexpected date. ($1.99)
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Zombie Films on Valentine's Day

There’s nothing worse than spending Valentine’s Day without a date, or so Alec believes—and all his friends agree. Desperate not to spend the night alone, he tries asking everyone he knows to hang out with him, even going to so far as to ask a member of his awful band to hang out for the night. Anything, after all, must be better than spending Valentine’s Day alone. ($1.49)
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Anthologies: Dreamspinner press

Jonno from the anthology "Animal Magnetism"

Ethan's life isn't going so well: his boyfriend is losing interest in him, his new job involves cleaning up animal dung, and he seems to have formed a bitter rivalry with an Indian palm squirrel. The only person who shows him any respect is Mitchell, the nurse who works with him at the wildlife park. Between despair, worry, and squirrel bites, Ethan starts to figure out the path he wants his life to take and gains the confidence to make it change. ($6.99 for the anthology)

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